Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“Can we have Matthew Adelfio to the Dean’s office?” A voice pierced through the telephone sitting on the teacher’s immaculate desk.
Immediately I began to cringe, sweat dripping down my neck and tickling my back. I couldn’t breathe. My lungs like overfilled balloons in my chest and I stood up out of my desk and walked like a zombie to the Dean’s office. I was a walking corpse, my thoughts were disconnected from my body. My mind was telling me not to go, but my body walked without command. My plain black polo with “SJV” written in the upper right chest was tucked neatly into my khaki shorts; my belt sparkled, my shoes shined, and my ID was proudly worn around my neck. The exact uniform I had worn every day for four straight years perfectly adhered to the dress code, not a flaw. I stared at my feet as I walked down the bright, austere hallway, slowly stepping one foot in front of the other on the marble-checkered floor. I made it to his door, and I stood there for a second trying to convince myself this was not the end of the world. But the humming coming from the ceiling lights was too bothersome for my rotting mind to concentrate. I closed my eyes. I reached for the polished gold doorknob, a tall figure stood in the doorway ushering me in.
“Take a seat” he said.
Later in the spring, towards the end of fifth grade, school ended early one day. Kids made their way out of the building through the double exit door, jumping up and slapping the exit sign as they left. One by one…

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