Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I stepped into a kitchen desperately in need of new flooring, judging from the path worn through the linoleum in front of the stove and refrigerator. The countertop was littered with dishes crusted with old food, and the whole kitchen, which was a snapshot of Modern Life in the Fifties, smelled like garbage, unless there were dead cats stashed in here, too, a thought that gave my stomach an uneasy turn.
“Did you poison all these animals?” I demanded.
“Nah, they was dead already. I been over to Ruth’s place picking them up.”
I wasn’t sure I believed him.
Lou rubbed his hands together briskly. His place was kind of cool and drafty, I noticed. “I seen the cat lady at Ruth’s putting out food, but I take it away. We don’t want no more a them cats hanging around. I seen Loretta over there, too, laying a bunch of carnations on the back porch for Ruth. I surprised her…made her jump…she didn’t think no one was around.”
I could tell he found that amusing. Odd that Loretta hadn’t mentioned the encounter, since I knew she disliked Lou. She’d also claimed to despise Ruth, I thought, but she must’ve had some feelings for her to put flowers where she’d died and volunteer to take down the crime scene tape.
“Well, here’s a question for you, Lou. Why don’t you call Animal Control to get rid of all the carcasses?”
“I guess it’s because they don’t stink, huh? It’s too cold—they’re frozen. But since you reminded me, I’ll call tomorrow. I been meaning to, I just sorta…

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