Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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13 years ago, a moment from my past was captured in a photograph. It was taken just a few days after I had turned two years old. My face is adorned with a smile as I walked on the neighborhood playground with my mom following closely behind. The smile made my cheeks look chubby, and the cold made them slightly flushed. The horrific bowl cut I sported at the time was hidden under the hood of my yellow Big Bird sweatshirt, except for the bangs that peeked out to cover my forehead. The sweatshirt was paired with stylish pink pants, and white velcro shoes.
Looking at the photograph, I had anticipated to feel nostalgic. And I did. The fondness I had for the Big Bird sweatshirt came back to me. That same fondness had once again disappeared when I remembered the day that I had parted ways with it. I had fallen one too many times wearing it, making the sweatshirt unsalvageable from the dirt and grime. Losing that sweatshirt may have been one of the most upsetting days for my three year old self. It is amazing what minor things can make a child feel like the world is ending. Now, as a 15 year old, I am able to throw away pieces of clothing without sentimental meaning getting in the way.
I also remembered the playground that I was at in the photo. A vague compilation of all the times I played on that same playground came to my head. I had run over the same swinging rubber bridge in the photo hundreds of times. As a child the bridge seemed like a safe place that I’d be able to hide…

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