Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I took a tentative step forward to take him from her, but before I even got to within ten feet of him. She pulled him back close to her while wrapping both of her hands around his head and throat where she then snapped his little neck like a twig. I could hear the sound of his fragile bones shatter as he let out one last screech that immediately fell silent when his body went limp in her hands. “Nooo!” I screamed as I watched helplessly as she killed my kitten. And then, at that very moment I felt myself snap. Three hundred-year-old witch or not, this bitch was getting too big for her britches, and when you mess with my family, friends, or my pets your fixing to catch and ass whopping. “You didn’t ask me to give him back alive.” Abellona then said gleaming with titillation before letting out a wicked laugh from deep within her that was completely genuine in her delight of what she’d just done. “YOU FUCKIN’ BITCH!” I shouted and then went for her. But I had made it only one single step in my rage when suddenly she disappeared right before my eyes, only to unexpectedly reappear directly in front of me with her hand closed tightly around my esophagus. I instantly began struggling for air, but her grip on me just kept getting tighter around my throat like an anaconda. “You Barretts never learn, do you?” she sneered at me as I struggled to free myself from her clutch. “You should have just stayed wherever that scared, little bitch you call your mother…

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