Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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She stood up, hoping her head might clear, but there in front of her was the shape of a pyramid. It looked as though she could reach out and touch it, but she knew it wasn 't real by the way it hovered in the space before her amid a black backdrop, as though the clouds had draped a dark curtain in front of her so she would only see this one thing. It didn 't look like the larger pyramids along the Avenue of the Dead, but more like the smaller tombs with more steps along its sides and an opening at the top.
Words formed in her mind, as though someone were speaking softly to her, but the warm touch of a woman pulled Kristin away from the vision.
“You okay ma 'am?” She felt the woman 's hand on her shoulder.
Kristin looked at her quietly, still dazed.
The lady kept talking, “You just look like you were stunned or something. I thought I was gonna pass out myself after walking up all these steps. I 'm still trying to catch my breath.”
Kristin managed a reply, “I 'm fine, thanks. I guess I was just lost in thought. I didn 't realize how overwhelming all this would be until I got up here.”
The lady put her hand on her curvy hip and tugged on her sundress with the other, “I know what you mean. I 've been here a few times with different people, but it still amazes me each time. Have you been down to see the murals yet?”
Kristin shook her head, “No, I haven 't but I 've heard about them.”
“Oh, you have to go see! So incredible the things they did back then with so little and it 's…

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