Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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With a sense of complete urgency, I crossed the frame door knowing that my absence would soon be discovered by my four servants, and they would fright in their selfish manners for their well-being. Dashing with the energy accumulated from imprisonment, I sprinted across the dense outdoor gravel, each rock making a crisp crunching noise from my padded fleeing feet. A trail could easily be traced with the oval impressions I made, but details did not occur to me as I was focused on escaping prominent routine. The landscape, identified by individual plants, spoke thoughts of growth and energy, complimented by the beautiful rays of the September sun. My figure took refuge underneath a full grown Japanese Maple Tree.

I decided to rest momentarily underneath the canopy of the small tree, my brown coat merged with the ground so I was unseen-practically invisible to the naked eye. My rebellion had started! This new world was different from my air conditioned palace, for I only interacted with a clean atmosphere with no odd odors. This new environment spewed different scents that disturbed my sensitive nose. My green eyes scanned the surroundings- a pathway of abundant trees and shrubs made a perfect perimeter around a curved section of a colony of individual green spikes ( I do not know the proper name). My only escape option, other than the six-foot red fence, which provided a rectangular perimeter to the backyard, was through a gate in the fence that had been left open (lazy…

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