Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“Okay, listen.”

“Oh, little tiny baby Sam.”


“Are you safe?”

“Oh, did you go to Farm Camp? You’ve never mentioned it.”

These are just a few prominent examples of the little quips I’ve brainwashed my friends into saying. When I came to campus, I immediately entered into a group of people who I feel more connected to than pretty much anyone I’ve been acquainted with previously. So I guess it isn’t all that surprising we have picked up some of each other’s mannerisms and vocal expressions. For example, I find myself exclaiming “oy vey!” frequently because about 50 percent of my friend group is Jewish. And, many of us now describe everything as “delicious” because it is my friend’s favorite adjective to use in every situation.

However, I’ve realized a disproportionate amount of my friends’ acquired mannerisms originated from me. I’ve been saying “okay, listen” to start my sentences for about a year now and “are you safe?” came into being from my weariness concerning the phrase “are you okay?” And now, as I listen in on conversations with my peers, I hear frequent exclamations of “OKAY, LISTEN!” and the placating sounds of “are you safe?” To outsiders, it seems like these weird culty things we all say (that are pretty nonsensical) serve no purpose other than to demonstrate our like-mindedness. However, there is real psychology behind it.

The mere exposure effect is a scientific phenomenon in which “people feel a preference for people or things simply because…

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