Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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"Okay Arabella, I 'll leave you with Mark here and he 'll run you through the basics." I shot a grateful smile to the lady as she smiled back boldly, her "manager" tag a bit askew on her shirt. I watched as a tendril of her harshly-coloured black hair fell into her eyes and she hastily brushed it away from her freckle-smattered face. "My fiancee and I decided to open this cafe a couple of years ago," she added perkily before laughing softly, "Before it was, I don 't know, completely run by drugs and thugs."

I forced laughter out of my gritted teeth. I looked down at her name tag. Melanie. The name suited her. This place, did not. Individually owned, everything about it screamed "stay away". Naturally, that 's what drove my interest here. The vandalized store front and faint letters glowed softly, filling the streets with a sour yellow colour. The seating inside was an array of furniture, haphazardly arranged to fit about four rickety tables, each with a varied amount of chairs. From the looks of it, the coffee and muffins that were perched on the counter did not attract many customers. I could see this place being the hangout for those with the munchies; open twenty-four seven and with cheap but edible food, it would settle for a midnight snack.

"-So now it 's just me," Melanie sighed. I hadn 't even realized she was still talking all this time and I guiltily smiled, not sure what exactly she was talking about. She didn 't seem to notice my obvious discomfort and brushed…

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