Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

779 Words Sep 26th, 2016 4 Pages
Raindrops. Drip. Drip. Drip. Clouds, gray and hiding any sign of sunlight. It looks miserable and cold but it matches my mood so it doesn 't bother me. I need to get out, It 's horrible to be stuck in this room. I want to be out in the rain. Peeling myself away from the window, I can the floor for my hoodie and Converse. "Where could they be?" I mutter, kicking clothes around. My toe clips the edge of a shoe hidden underneath a pile of clothes. I freeze as the pain pulses from my foot. Angrily, I pull out my shoes and find my hoodie laying nearby. "It 's now or never," I mumble and pull the hood over my long black hair. I think to myself that if I just go through the front door, dad would be pissed, he hates my guts. The only other way out is the window. I work my way over to the window and stretch my arms out toward the lock. If I leave to see her, he 's going to hurt me. I shake my head violently to get rid of the thought. I unlatch the window and kick out the screen. I peer down at the three-story drop and my stomach does circles. Out of nowhere my door flys open and my father is standing in the doorway, "What the hell do you think you 're doing?" he screeches. This is it, I have to jump now. I hesitate as I look down again and my father 's booming voice shakes the room, "Answer me." There is a long silence but withing that silence there are thunder and lighting. "That 's it..." he trails off and marches toward me. I climb the ledge and throw myself out the window,…

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