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"Put both of your hands on the steering wheel!" He angrily shouted. My heart raced as I nervously replied "Yes sir" and obediently placed both of my shaking hands against the steering wheel of my 2008 Nissan Altima. The officer flashed his flashlight in my face through my rolled down window and proceeded to shout at me. "Step out of the car, and place your hands behind your back, you 're being arrested." My heart sank and the only word I could manage to make sense of in my mind at that moment was "Shit..."

My summer mornings usually consist of me sleeping in until noon, this Wednesday morning was no different. So after I had woken up and managed to convince myself to get out of bed. I hopped into the shower and proceeded with my normal morning routine. After showering I checked my phone and read a message from Justin that said " You 're taking me to Cheddar 's tonight." I quickly responded "Happy Birthday! And YES!" today was my friend 's birthday and I had planned to take him out to eat on on his special day. I looked forward to our plans but I wasn 't a big fan of the drive since he lived an hour away in Joplin. But since it was his day I promised I would be the one to drive up there.

That day I was scheduled to work 1:30 to 6. Which is unusual but since My manager was out of town the week before she agreed to cover my night shift since I had been covering most of her morning shifts while she was gone. I 'm a 3rd key so my normal hours are usually 4:30 to 9:30. I was…

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