Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Snaking its way through the dense underbrush, the long procession of horsemen ducked and weaved through drooping limbs and protruding branches. Dathon grew increasingly frustrated as the infernal woods went on and on, stretching east for miles in clumps so dense he lost sight of almost everyone around him.
But much to his amazement and relief the woods now thinned out, replaced by dry brush covered hillocks that heralded the beginning the Jagged Lands, a series of knife-like limestone ridges that ran for miles from north to south. The late afternoon shadows played upon the ridges deepening their hollows and crevasses, making the land look like the furrows of a giant’s brow.
“This is madness,” Dathon mused to no one. A harebrained attempt at legitimizing a fraud – but Brecc was his fraud – his creation – his eventual steppingstone to the Grand Council. Yet he felt no joy in his role as an observer to – what? A foreigner with schemes of his own had hijacked his plans, and pushed them sight unseen towards a goal that promised much, but gave him little hope.
Even if they did succeed, would Brecc still need the Council? And if he didn’t then what? Find another candidate? Edwyn had been a challenge to unseat, admired and respected, but undone by his passions. Dathon smiled grimly, it had come so quickly once he’d identified the gap in Edwyn’s otherwise formidable armor – Kathrin, the Queen of Bretagne. He seized and threatened to kill her if Edwyn didn’t abdicate for Brecc. Her…

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