Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“When was that time?” she asked in a whisper.
A small smile curled Maxen’s lips. “When we argued. About being miserable and you slapped me. I was angry with you, but your passion made me want you even more.” He traced the back of her hand with his thumb and carried on.
“You are beautiful,” he repeated, “with those bright blue eyes and the gentle curves of your body. And those lips… they beg to be kissed. But your true beauty lies in your heart and spirit. You’re open and free; you speak your mind whereas I do not.”
Again, closed his eye and slipped from reality, only to wake again moments later, rattled from rest by another violent round of coughing. Audra rested her cool hand on his hot, bare chest as he hacked.
“Good,” he mumbled, his eyes half open. “Soothing.
“But there’s more I must tell you. Every night, I picture it’s I who’s with you in instead of the king. Each time he goes to your bed I die a little more inside. If I could have you for just one night…” He shook his head slowly. “That would never do. To have you once then never again would kill me.”
Audra stared at him with wide eyes. She sat in shock, utter and complete shock. Audra knew there was something between them, and she believed Maxen cared for her in some way, but like this? It sounded as if he was deeply and madly in love with her. Could it be the fever talking and nothing else? Was that possible? She feared that was the case. But why would Maxen’s mind create a wild story like this while in the…

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