Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Without looking back from the window Adrika tore another sheet of feathery note paper. Her fingers curling over it as she folded in half once, twice and so on until the strength of its thickness halted her progress. She then unfurled the now creased ridden sheet and began forming it into a paper hat. Normally she would be manipulating paper out of conscious habit. Something to keep her fingers busy whilst she immersed herself in thought. However this time it was blocking out her own thoughts that was motivating her compulsion.
Somewhere from the carriage ahead Adrika could hear the muffled speech of the conductor announcing that Flinders street station was the next and final stop. Her fingers froze mid fold. There passengers around her began fumbling with their luggage, ready to disembark. Their hurried movements made Adrika dizzy. She made no move for her own suitcase or the box beside her.
During the past few weeks she hadn’t allowed herself time to dwell on having to move to Melbourne. It had utterly disrupted all of her plans, academic and otherwise that she had meticulously scribed in her notebook. Everything that had happen in her life up to this point was reliably expected. She loathed surprises. They meant not knowing something, which could result in losing control of the situation.
Of course she had resolved to not let this change in situation paralysed her. She had meticulously packed her belongings for the move and insisted on making the arrangements from her…

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