Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

2226 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 9 Pages
It was a soundless night, nothing to be too terrified of. I just sat at home with my little baby waiting for my husband to come home. Some nights are more silent than others, but it would never bother me, until tonight. Something…something felt different like I was being watched. I felt the urge not to move for if I moved it might come closer.
I slowly sink into my couch further turning the T.V. up louder hoping this could give me great calm. I was wrong. I look out the corner of my eye and peer out the window. Nothing two different, but there was one weird car.
This car was like no other on our street, for it was a blue convertible. Slick and shiny as ever. This type of car was too nice to have been owned by anyone who lived on this street. I didn’t see a man in the car so I try to calm myself down by telling myself maybe it’s just my neighbor having someone over at one in the morning.
I look back at the T.V. and turn it off. I build up enough courage to take my little baby upstairs to put him to bed. Slowly moving up the creaky old stairs. Switching feet as slowly as I can. Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot.
Moving as slowly as I can I finally get to the top. I turn around and look over my shoulder. A light began flashing in through my window. One thick yellow beam that slowly moved across the room until it found me. I move to the other side of my wall hoping it didn’t see me, but it was too late. It put its hand on the window and shouted out…

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