Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Narration Summer is when people have fun with friends, enjoy the hot, dry air, go swimming, and live it up. It is when they are finally out of school and feel free again because they have nothing to worry about for the next three months. However, if someone wants shoes as nice as the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12’s like I did, one has to do a little work. The shoes looked so light that when wearing them, it would feel like walking on clouds, and the color was a gorgeous Key West green.
My uncle is the manager of the Bazine, Kansas Co-op and usually needs summer help during the busiest time of the year, harvest.
“Hey uncle Bryan do you think you will need any summer help for harvest this year,” I asked. “I could really use the money.”
“We most certainly will,” he responded. “I’ll give ya a call a couple a days before we start and let you know when to show up”.
I was so excited because harvest is the best time of the summer. The paycheck would be hefty enough to buy the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 shoes. After the second week of June, I finally received a call from my Uncle. “Plan on being here Tuesday to get started. Might be a little slow, but it will pick up as the week goes on” he said.
“Sounds great. Thank you, and I will see you on Tuesday at 10” I said.
On Tuesday I am tense and excited to finally start earning more money than ever before. I begin my journey to Bazine which is a hop, skip, and a jump from where I live. Once I arrive, the smell of wheat and truck engines…

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