Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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It was September 23, 2006, and my brother, my parents, and I was getting ready to go to my sister’s wedding. I had been searching in the attic the all day to find one of my mother’s old dresses to wear. After looking through a copious amount of family photo albums, I found an old box. It was so dusty could have been an artifact in King Tut’s tomb, untouched for thousands of years. I blew the dust off revealing a lively floral pattern of lilies, daisies, and even some chrysanthemums. My heart laughed as I opened the box. I carefully “took” the dress out of the box and put it on. It fit like a glove, it was covered in beautiful, eye-catching red roses. I tied my Nana’s favorite string of pearls around my neck and spun around. My giddy dance was interrupted by father shouting, “Alana come downstairs for a picture.” I ran down, and just about fell, down the stairs. I chuckled as my brother, Tom, put on my Dad’s old-fashioned tuxedo, which my Dad insisted that Tom wear even though it hung on him. I helped tie up his bow tie while tried to run a comb through his mangled brown mane. My father tried to corral us like a sheep dog herding cattle. He set the timer on his camera and the blinding flash went off just in time for him to jump into the frame. This picture perfectly captured his goofy and carefree nature, and we all laughed when we saw it. I pet my dog on the head as we rushed to his run-down mini-van and sped off down the road. The rain pounded on the rusted roof as we…

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