Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Words - Normal
Words - Narrator is talking or describing the scene
~Words~ - How the character are feeling or describing the scene
Words - Saying it in his mind

Prologue In a now inactive clockworks tunnel, the lone knight, walk endlessly through the depths.

~Drags Sword on ground~ Finally...Those wolvers really did a number on me. Man Just look at my armor, it’s all rip and stuff. Isn’t that right Kami? Yep, we need to head back to the surface once we are done. Aw, come on...Just one more dept. I heard that he is around here somewhere..
~Creating a dark mood~ There, I see it! It’s the elevator! Finally, we can see if he really goes this deep into the world.

The lone knight activates the elevator, the gates raises from the ground. It starts its descent into the next depth into the clockworks. The Elevator seems to be moving at a slower pace than normal

~Puzzled look on face~ hmm, this is taking forever!!! Ugh, I guess the clockworks behave this way cause we are really deep in it. I bet it 's been like forever since this was use; it’s all dusty and rusted. Hopefully she can hold us unto we reach the terminal. I really want to put this mystery to an end. Does he really go all the way down here. Plus the path we took, isn 't really what you would call a normal one. O, here we go! We are about to pass the layer; and it seems that this one is thicker than the rest. I guess the further you go in, the thicker the layers get. Plus I notice that the temperature…

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