Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I wake up in my room on July 31st knowing that today will be bitter-sweet. It’s warm and sunny at the moment, but they are calling for rain. I can’t help but to wonder if that is what the rest of my life is going to be like, sun shining bright to begin with and then fading into a thunderous storm. I stop myself mid-thought because I know I’m being melodramatic. I’m just moving out. I’ll only be an hour and a half away. As I keep repeating this to myself, I hear the familiar and somewhat scratchy voice of my dad, “Hey Doodlebug, don’t forget your hair flattener. Wouldn’t want you to not be able to fry your hair every morning.” He hasn’t talked much all morning, mainly because he is nervous. I don’t know why though. We had moved my sister out, he should be used to this. Then I realize something my mind had neglected the whole time: not only am I his last child, I’m the youngest daughter and I’m leaving him. Then another thought hit me… who will be there to comfort me now?

Flash forward a few grueling hours of climbing up three flights of stairs for what seemed like a thousand times, I am all moved in and my family has left me. I’m not an emotional person, but tonight I am crying as if I were a newborn baby. As I lay here, all I can think of is my dad. How he used to lay in bed with me and watch a movie every night. This triggered a series of memories that made me realize my dad has made me who I am today.

As I stare blankly at the television, I remember when my dad…

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