Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“Well, there’s no need to be vulgar about it. Just pretend that it doesn’t matter. Because it doesn’t.”
Steve looked at Shelly. He knew that if she said so that Miss Hartick would let it slide. Of course, Shelly wasn’t about to let him go. She had him where she wanted him. They had dated briefly, and he had broken it off. Now she would get to see his dick. He looked around, hoping that Miss Devasquez might say something. Of course, she waited the same way Shelly did, with a big smile. In spite of himself, he started unbuttoning. “You know, I’ll do what I’m told, but this is stupid.”
Miss Hartick would probably have started in lecturing him, but Shelly decided to start the interview instead. “I hate to say it, Steve, but of all the outfielders, your performance is the most disappointing this year.”
“You really care what happens on the field? I thought you only cared what happens in the locker room.”
Miss Hartick said, “That’s enough of that, young man. In fact, that will be a detention, tomorrow after school.”
“Detention because I don’t want to take off my clothes?” Ironically, his jersey came off as he said that. Miss Devasquez’s eyes lit up seeing the young muscle there.
“That’s right,” Miss Hartick said. “If you would only let yourself get past it, you could cooperate with Shelly. You’re only proving my point. You and Ron will both have special detentions, along with anyone else who helped arrange this little protest.”
“Great. Okay. Sorry, Shelly.”
“Never mind Steve. Just…

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