Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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"Aye, you tripping Yola, my friend don 't even know Kain like that." Jasmine spoke up.

"Well tell that bitch to stay away from him." She gave me a glare and walk off.

I guess nobody heard her since the music was loud so I ignore her ass as well and continue to drink from my cup, Jasmine and I headed for the kitchen so we could fix us a plate of food, but I couldn 't get inside good.

"How you doin ' ma '?" I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist, I didn 't know who it was but I felt a rock hard penis against my butt.

"Excuse you." I snapped and watch as the Tall darkskin guy remove his hands from around my waist. He back up.

"My bad ma." He said putting his hands up, Jas roll her eyes at him.

"Kareem 's friends are so rude." Jas said while grabbing her a plate. I fix my plate and look up to see Kain eyeing me, I look down, I had to keep myself calm some kind of way.

After the party, I carried my plate to Jasmine 's car. I notice Kareem and Kain both passing a blunt to each other. They were leaning Kareems Range Rover.

"Girl there go yo bae." Jas whispered while hitting my shoulder.

"Whatever, I don 't even know him like that." I said smiling. Jasmine unlock the doors which got their attention.

Quickly I got inside the car with my plate in my hands waiting for Jasmine to get her hot ass in the car, I was tired and ready to go.

I heard a tap on the window, turning my head I notice it was Kain, My heart started to race as I let the window down.


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