Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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He couldn 't help but shiver. Not out of fear, though, this time he was freezing. Sheril had taken away Lavi 's clothes, what, a week ago? Two weeks? Two months, maybe? There was no way for Lavi to keep track of time except by how frequently Sheril visited him. A new favorite pastime of his was counting the seconds, but at the moment he was too distracted by how fucking cold it was. Naked in a concrete room with steel shackles chaining him to the ceiling, it wasn 't really surprising that it was cold, but he didn 't think he 'd ever been so desperate for a shirt.

Lavi hung from the ceiling, his shins dragging against the floor as he shook. His arms, his entire body, ached, and his wrists were bloody from how much he 'd been struggling, not to mention all the wounds he 'd gotten over time. There was a drain in the floor, marking his other favorite pastime: watching his blood swirl down it. It gave Lavi something, anything to focus on besides the pain. That is, when he could see it. The room was only ever lit by candles, and there was no way for him to light them again once they went out, not that he really wanted to. Sheril had a fondness for burning Lavi and then pouring the wax on him, before scraping it off and taking as much skin with it as he could.

A growl came from Lavi 's stomach and he groaned. If he had to guess how long it had been since he 'd eaten, he 'd say about a week and a half. Sheril fed him every two weeks and gave him water every three days, and…

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