Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Dew dripped from the fragrant, scarlet carnations adorning the front porch. Birds sang sweet summer ballads to the still snoring Saturday morning. The sun extended his tentacle-like-russet-rays to the peaceful neighborhood– tickling along the warming sidewalks and sloping driveways happily. However, the snickering air shook in the sky in trepidation because the air knew a secret the birds, and the sun did not: Mrs. Finbar was on her way home.
The breeze picked up as she slinked up the driveway¬ heels in hand. Her eyes were dull, her hair messy, her body tired. She turned the key with a yawn and opened the front door. She slumped from leg to leg as she was going to her bedroom. She had made her way past the living room, past a hideous and gaudy green couch, and into her room. She rubbed her ankles, slipped into scarlet hued pajamas, and retired to the king sized bed. Her head had just graced the fluffy pillow when her eyes flung wide with rabid-like-anger and a violent twitch. She stormed out of the bed and back into the living room. A high-pitched scream echoed off of the striped walls. And like a rather loud rooster, she woke up the entire world with her lilting screech: “Amadeus O’Neal Allen Finbar, you better get your bony butt in this room right now and explain why in the world this ugly couch is in my living room!”
The cotton-like clouds grew gray and wet with rain. The sun became too lazy and too tired to warm the world and sadly pulled back its shining tentacles.…

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