Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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"She moved with shameless wonder, the perfect creature rarely seen"

I 'd never seen anything like her before. The veil fell from her head and defiant sea blue eyes meet mine. Something sparked inside of me. My uncle grabs my attention and begins talking about the business, the reason we 've come to Morocco. I loose sight of the blue eyed beauty. It 's not until I came upon her dancing that I make my decision.

"Her eyes look sharp and steady into the empty parts of me."

I bought her. How could I not? The sway and rocking of her body spoke a language I 'd never known but instantly recognized as the truest expression of emotion. Dancing was too simple a word for the movement. Her face smiled, her body swayed effortlessly, yet her eyes spoke of loss. All contradicted each other in perfect harmony. I immediately knew I couldn 't bare it, if I never saw her again. I purchased her.When her eyes gazed at me it was like she wasn 't even looking at me but straight through me. The auctioneer laughed and wished me luck and Allah 's blessing for she was a fiery one. Watch her closely he advised. They called her the pearl of the dessert.

"Mustering some tender charm. She 's feels no control of her body. She feels no safety in her arms."

We traveled back towards my home, my uncle and cousins ribbed me for my purchase, but she was worth it. Every time I looked at her I knew she was worth it. I was as gentle as I could be. She rode in front me on the camel, my arms wrapped loosely…

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