Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Iruka 's eyebrows scrunched together, trying to recall yesterday 's event Iruka shook his head. "No sorry, the last thing I remember was someone standing in front with two shurikens on his back that were meant for you… that 's when I passed out."

Naruto smiled wearily, his eyes watering a bit. "It was Raiden. He jumped in the way of the shurikens, even after I said some horrible things to him, things which hurt him deeply... You know, he found me before Mizuki tried getting the scroll from me. He tried to warn me and tried to take me to the Academy, but I hurt him. I-I threw him some senbon needles at him and yelled, told him that he wasn 't anyone to me and he should just leave me alone, that I didn 't need him because I allowed Mizuki get into my head. I-I hurt him s-so deeply, I don 't know if he 's going to forgive me, but yet he came just in time and took the shurikens that were meant for me and smiled as he fainted in my arms…" A tiny sob escaped Naruto 's lips and Iruka pulled into a tight embrace, arms leans arms wrapped around the blonde 's lithe frame.

Iruka held onto Naruto for as long the blonde teen needed it. He didn 't know Naruto and Raiden had a fight, he always assumed they were also happy together from the way they always acted with each other but he can understand, everyone had fights it was something normal. But this must 've been a huge fight if Naruto is practically breaking down from the guilt from hurting Raiden. He felt for the blonde teen, he…

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