Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

1120 Words May 13th, 2016 null Page
I walk, I fall, I stumble, I crawl and I fly; yes I fly. I am tormented by over thinking everything until my brain bleeds. Sometimes I can’t silence the chatter in my head; the noise that renders me breathless because I can’t keep up. I speak far too quickly in fragmented sentences that make perfect sense to me; word salad is rather exhausting. I want everyone to keep up the pace. When the storm comes, beware; irritability leads to angry outbursts and words that have the power cut anyone to the bone. Things get shattered in bedlam. I’ve lost years of my life because I fell so far down into the “rabbit hole”; my reality faded away. The mood swings I’ve experienced over the years have come at a huge price. Mania, mixed states, rapid cycling, and depression have just about done me in countless times. Sometimes I just want a disconnect switch.

Hypomaina is the devil in disguise. Seemingly I’m well, all smiles and life is good. Most people don’t’ realize a defined difference of your “normality.” I have pure confidence that I’m perfectly fine and making good choices. The world is my oyster. Poor decisions I’ve made while hypomanic have been costly. It’s a chemical induced realm of no consequences, marathon phone calls, quick whit and charm, and impulsive spending that leaves credit cards melting and bill collectors calling. My vision of what’s right and logical is a grand illusion and complete magical thinking. If you tell me I’m wrong, beware. My irritability stings like an…

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