Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I rapidly blinked my eyes, adjusting them to the harsh white light that hung above me. There was a horrible ringing in my ears and my head felt like someone was pounding on it with a hammer. And what is this metallic taste in my mouth? Is this blood I am tasting? Disgusted I try to wipe my mouth of the awful taste but found my arms trapped tightly to my chest, I looked down and saw that my arm where being held in place by a straitjacket. I panicked, This can’t be happening, I thought, and I began squirming around. I bounced up really high that I found myself face first onto the padded white floor, moving aggressively on the floor to free myself it began to look like I was a fish gasping for water. I do kind of remember last night but it 's a blur. Big brown bear, orange neon lights, and drugs and alcohol crosses my mind, but I don’t know exactly why I am in this straight jacket. Hmmm… Wait this means i am in a freaking asylum. There’s no other explanation of why I would be in a straight jacket. Unless, this is some sick joke someone is playing on me.

I think that is the reason it seems logical, because then why would I be in a freaking straight jacket?

I began to try and figure out why i was in here but my mind, was all a blurry haze. I must have been drugged last night.

“Ouch. If I’m not mistaken, I think I might have a hangover.”

“What did I do last night?”

At that moment, a large white door crashed open and a pair of white crocks came into view.

“Mr. Macoy,…

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