Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I brush debris from the counters and table onto the floor. I then swipe them down with a wet cloth. Then a dry one. I swing from cupboard to cupboard; making sure everything is in place. Dance break.
Salvation, salvation, salvation is re-al! Uh-huh Uh-huh Uh-huh Uh-huh *Trumpet solo*
I sweep the floor, even going under the cupboard. I find things. Some dust, a rubber band, a soul earring and a postcard from some far off relative. That last one goes on our refrigerator or garbage, whichever is closer.
By now the dishes are done, so I unload them, belting out Zombies in my best Irish lilt. I turn, one last look at my work. A touch here and there. I take out my ear buds and leave the kitchen.
Act 4 There are five brothers. My oldest uncle, my dad, my middle uncle, my faraway uncle, and my youngest uncle. My faraway uncle lives on a dry rock with less oxygen than the rest of us, otherwise known as Colorado. He and my youngest uncle were the worst of the five, the most troublesome. Now though, they are the gentlest. The nicest. Both had religious experiences that seemed to change their outlook on life. When my faraway uncle was very small, just between the ages of baby and toddler, he was on a swing. I imagine the birds were singing and the grass smelled freshly cut. The sky was blue. Higher and higher he swung and laughed. His blonde curls frolicking in the breeze. My grandfather put the swing set together. It was made of metal and had large bolts holding together its…

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