Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“I don’t want to be here,” Lars hissed at Bella as she parked in the airport garage.
“Aren’t you excited to see Rodrigo? It’s been a long time since he’s come to visit.”
Lars made a noncommittal sound as he swung his car door shut. It was cold in the parking garage, and he pulled his hood up and shoved his hands into his hoodie’s pockets.
“Look, you have to act like you’re happy because this is important to Antonio.”
Lars rolled an annoyed sound off the back of his throat.
“Now come on, Lovino’s cousins will be here really soon.”
“I really care about Lovino’s cousins.” Lars rolled his eyes. “I refuse to move faster than this,” he said, pointedly strolling at a languid pace. In reality, his legs were really sore and he really couldn’t walk much faster, but it seemed cooler if he acted like he was just being obstinate.
They still got to the terminal exit well after the cousins had arrived and were chatting loudly with Feliciano. Lars found a bench and sat aside from everyone else, and Bella went and bought him a tea.
The next plane was supposed to arrive from an Austin layover in fifteen minutes with Lovino’s mother, uncle, and Antonio’s brother.
Lars had nerves about seeing Rodrigo, Antonio’s older brother. Rodrigo had been like the big brother Lars had never had since Lars and Bella arrived at Mrs. Carriedo’s house with their step-mother after she’d divorced their father. Rodrigo had driven Lars to school and helped him with homework and given him advice he…

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