Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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The sudden sound of soft sobs awakened me from my slumber. Slithering my way out of bed, I sauntered over to the formal dining room of our house. Creeping from behind the door, I tuned in to the conversation that was taking place.
“It’s March 19th, he’s out of time to turn the weapons in,” My mother stated whilst she took down the last hanging painting in our house, with tears rolling down her cheeks, her eyes red and her nose stuffy from all the crying she’s been doing all week. “We’re getting invaded.”
“Hey, we’ll be fine,” my dad countered “We’re all stocked up on food and water, we had a guy come and dig a water well in our backyard, the windows are all taped so they won’t shatter, we bought propane tanks for the stove, medicine, and noise blocking headphones for the kids. We will be fine.”
I felt the kebabs I had for dinner fight to exit out of my body, but I managed to keep the food in. As if I was just hit by a truck, my eyes widened at the sudden realization that maybe not everything is going to be ok and that maybe my time on this earth is limited much shorter than I had anticipated. That apprehensive, timid, and anxious feeling would stick with me for years to come.
Hours later, my eyes popped wide open as I felt everything in the room around me shake. The tears began to flow uncontrollably down my cheeks and they wouldn’t stop no matter how hard I tried to keep it together for the sake of not worrying my parents. My parents had insisted that my brother, sister,…

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