Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

1924 Words Feb 4th, 2016 null Page
“ Go visit your grandma they said, It will do her some good they said,” the boy mumbled to himself as he drove to the outskirts of the city to visit his grandmother. As he drove up to his grandmother’s house the sight of the faded paint and dirty windows along with the overgrown lawn mirrored the shell of a woman that its owner now was. The dog barked and whined with excitement from its tiny kennel like it did every week when he came, annoying him greatly. Overloaded with unopened mail he set his keys down in the dish on the table. “Hello? Who is it?” his grandmother called from the living room. Couldn’t help dragging his feet across the soiled carpet, with his thoughts of how he wanted to be anywhere but there weighing him down like a ton of bricks. Eyes, tried from years of small delicate needle work, scanned him, searching for some recognition. He gave her no clues with an introduction. Maybe it will be different this time, he thought. The 17 year old high school boy wearing a flannel shirt, glasses, and floppy dark hair he had seen that morning in the mirror was never who she really saw. Adding her newspaper to the side table which held a stack of crossword puzzles and sharpened pencils. Mirrored on the other side was a matching La-Z-Boy and table. An empty ash tray with a cool wooden pipe, the inside black from years of burnt tobacco, sat on the table along with dingy handkerchief. The sight of her eyes glossed over in happy ignorance crept down his spine making him…

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