Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Spilling out of Gordon’s arms, I looked at his body, riddled with arrows. I clambered to my feet hastily and started to flee, my blood pulsing with adrenaline. An arrow took me in the arm. I gasped in pain, but kept running. Soon after, I felt an arrow slam into my neck, causing me to fall to the ground abruptly. I fell in such a way that my cave was in sight, and I thought back to the day I left David. “This is for you.” I said to David, giving him a lock of my hair and promptly kissing him thereafter. My father lifted me up and put me onto his horse as my mother kissed David too, saying her goodbyes. We began to trot away, David unmoving. Nearing a forest, I saw he was still watching so I waved goodbye to him, not fully aware we may never meet again. Some ways into the forest I inquired to my mother, “Mommy, are we ever coming back?” She turned to look at me, her eyes appeared glossy and wet. “No, I don’t think we will, Sophie dear.” “Oh.” I replied solemnly, looking down at the saddle beneath me. Trotting through the forest, I enjoyed looking at the scenery. The lush greens all around me, whether sprouting directly from the ground or preceded by a brown trunk dappled with moss. The forest floor was riddled with ferns, grass, and other small shrubbery. Fallen trees lie abundantly throughout the forest, providing minute obstacles for the horses. The combination of deciduous and coniferous trees in the forest resulted in minimal light in the forest, causing some…

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