Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Unoccupied stage occupied with only percussion instruments inside of Ford Hall. A sea of people continues to fill the vacant chairs surrounding me inside of this vast auditorium to hear the Ithaca College percussion ensemble. The audience gives the impression that this hall is being filled by music major’s and families just eager to support their loved ones spilling out with joy. I was so surprised that there were so many young audience members that were not music majors that had just come to hear the percussion concert. Though out the performance you can witness that the audience is so intently listening almost as if nothing could ever break their focus but the conclusion of the music. Sitting there even just before the performance started I had my stereotypical expectations about what I was about to witness. I was sure that this was going to be an incredibly classical and elegant performance of grace with soft music and might just make a student doze off or maybe even zone out. I also wasn’t sure what to expect at the same time for I had never been to a percussion concert of any kind that I remember. During this concert they played six songs that were all exceptionally distinctive from one other that made this concert exceedingly interesting and an experience I will not forget.
One of the pieces of music that they play is called “Sorcery!” composed by Michael Varner which, was indeed the first musical selection that the percussion ensemble played. This piece to me was…

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