Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Rolling shades of deep purple, bright orange, and subtle gray blaze in the sky above, while the miniscule pebbles beneath us crunch as we steadily walk along. In the faded gloaming, my eyes can distinguish a far away glitter that shoots a thrill through my body. "Do you see it?" I whisper, eager excitement bursting through my voice. I look over at Raquelle, who swipes a strand of her raven black hair away from her face. "It 's so far away!" she complains. "And I 'm soooo thirsty. Can 't we rest for a bit?" I impatiently reach into the sack I carry on my shoulder, and pull out a gleaming crystal disk. Handing it to Raquelle, she pushes the oval ruby gemstone, and with a swish, a water fountain shoots out the top. While she is satisfying her thirst, I look down at the metallic silver thread wrapped around my wrist. With a flick of my hand, it slowly begins to move and shape itself, forming the map we 've been following for the last few days -ever since we began our Great Journey. I watch as the strand creates a large lump, which begins to throb black; the sign of a dangerous obstacle ahead. But it 's never throbbed that startlingly strong before... I quickly straighten the thread, glancing to see if Raquelle saw it. But she 's too busy massaging her legs. "Ready?" I say in a steady voice. Raquelle nods and gets up, handing me the crystal to put back in the sack. As we steadily follow the path, I begin to say, "We 're doing great", but the words catch in my throat. A…

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