Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I kept my jacket slung over my shoulders in the event that I would be summoned outside again, and toiled my way into the kitchen before placing the contents of my pocket onto the table in preparation. The onslaught of my stomachs tantrum and distaste, with being unattended to for longer than it would like, began as a low hum and swelled to a vicious gurgle upon coming to the realization that it would soon be fed; and, naturally, the state of one’s stomach directly dictates the demeanor of its master, or so it seemed. Immediately wishing of nothing other than accommodating to nourishment and good morale, I garnered a pan from the drawer beneath the stove, ignited the stove, and placed the pan on top. I took a glance towards the table and counted five eggs, and vehemently debated as to whether I should eat them all at once or to ration them out; nevertheless, my own mind was not to be made up by logical thought, but by the hunger that orchestrated and allowed such a thing to exist, however, only in its absence. Without giving it a second thought, I systematically cracked each egg, one after the other, into the pan and salivated with each passing second of the aroma-enriched infiltration of my nostrils. The process of cooking was usually quite enjoyable for me; although, when hunger served as a prelude, it could be quite antagonizing and painful, and it seemingly took away from the act of eating. However, upon the cessation of the crackling and bubbling that ensued the…

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