Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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◦I am the Far-Reacher, I am the Earth-Shaker, I am the Loud-Shouter. I am Dionysos Bromios and I sound My cry to awaken your heart.

I am the White Bull of Harmony, I am the White Bull of the Anthesteria. Nymphs, satyrs and beloved maenads follow behind Me.

I am strong of flank and delicate of hoof. Where my foot falls, flowers spring forth, plucked by My devoted followers,
Fashioned into garlands. Flower garlands twine about My thrusting horns and mighty neck. I am the White Bull of Spring, My nostrils exhale the breath of renewal.

My enticing broming calls forth the souls of the dead and for this brief moment They again dance and cry and look toward life renewed. I am the White Bull of Life Who carries strength and vigor on the tips of My horns. I am the piercer of the sack of life, I am the carrier of the sacred nectar. I am the joy and the ecstasy of the hive.

I am the great fountain of life and I bid you to drink from Me. I am all this, but I am more.

I am the Black Bull of the seed of generations. I am the fullness of the phallus, I plow the earth with My seed as I dance. I am the Charger of Many Forms.

With Me you toss your head-in dance, you become the Black Bull I am the great earth shaker, I am the mover of mountains. I am the ripple, the swelling, the great excitement. I am the wild herder, I am the cutter and the sorter. By My ripping horns the mark is put upon those who will begin their death dance


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