Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

1851 Words Oct 2nd, 2015 null Page
As I was waking up by the captivated scent of cinnamon that filled the air despite the fact I was swimming in a pool of my own slob. Finally, Christmas is here it’s the season where everything is magical and you can spend time with loved ones as well as eat anything you want. I was getting out of my bed when all of a sudden I felt an icy cold chills ran up and down my spine. Its was an extremely cold to the point where I could see my breath blowing white smoke all over my room. I could not feel my face or feet. This was not normal it would never get this cold, even though it is winter so I ran towards my window and seen the piles of snow that cover the grass, rocks, and dirt that usually be there. I scream in excitement I could not believe it was happening everything. I had wished and pray for this to happen since I was little. Now I have a chance to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. It has never snowed in Louisiana since my sister said it was a subtropical state. I gather my clothes to prepare for battle for this winter weather I am facing. I wore my dad’s heavy black leather jacket that went over my knees since I did not have a jacket of my own and only sweater. I had my little mittens and earmuffs on with my double layers of socks as well as with my brown cheetah boots. As I finished getting dressed I was ready to conquer the world. My sister and I ran outside, but was breathtaking by scene that we have seen. It felt like I was stepping into a whole new world…

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