Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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The blinding sunbeams sneaked through tiny laces on her cream curtains. Disturbed by the hot and bright rays shining in her eyes, she woke up and groaned. As if the earth was spinning nonstop, she crossed her arms over her head and pulled her knees close to her body into a fetal position. When it was over, she sat up in a daze and laid down with a thump while staring at the dangling crystal light hanging on the sky blue ceiling. All she could hear was the sound of her breathing and the tick of a clock. Turning to her left side, her eyes were focused on plastic golden long arrow pulsated towards the half-scratched numbers in the antique grandfather clock. A faint echo of blaring bangs on a wooden door across the room disturbing the silenceness. She slid off the bed and stood on her feet. Right after she turned the silver knob, the first thing she noticed was the wrinkled lines on her mother’s forehead and tightly closed lips becoming more narrow and thinner. As her mother gave her a letter, she demanded logic reasons and questioned the matter s Isabella read the letter in a whispered voice. When she took noticed of the sender address, a heat crept onto her neck. After reading the letter, the warmness reached her face, causing her face to a flaming red tomato. Small beads of sweat appeared on forehead and scintillated at the root of her hair. With a nervous look on her face, she stared into her mother’s eyes and could not make out a single word. Ideas…

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