Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Early this morning my eyes popped wide open; I was awake. I sat up and looked out my window. The streetlights were still on but I could tell it was getting light outside. I tiptoed past my brother, walked down the hallway, and peeked into my sister’s bedroom. They were both still sleeping. How can everyone still be asleep on such an important day? The floor was cold. I hurried back to my bedroom and slid my dresser drawer open. It always squeaks. That’s when I heard my brother say, "Get out of my stuff, Mister Nosey." "This ain’t your stuff, Bobby," I said. "I need my socks, the floor is freezing." That’s how my brother is, always trying to be the boss of me. He sat up, stretched out his arms and yawned. When he yawns—it’s loud and it sounds funny—I always giggle. It was perfect; my sisters woke up and they were both in my bedroom in seconds, smiling like the cat that caught a mouse. I raised a finger to my lips. "Shh!" My sister, Amanda, whispered, "Did you see him, Jason? Did you see Santa?" I frowned and shook my head no. "I tried to stay up, but I couldn’t. How about you guys?" Both my sisters shook their head and said, "Nope," at the exact same time. They looked at each other and both shouted, "Jinx!" "Bonnie said Jinx first," my brother said. "She wins." We all laughed. I didn’t need to ask my brother, he fell asleep before I did. Every year it’s the same story; I try to stay awake so I can meet Santa Claus and see his reindeer, especially Rudolph. But I…

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