Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I held tightly, but not too tightly, to the thin, pale, chilly hand of my father. His eyes were closed, but his mouth hung open, his cheeks stretched tightly over his skull. The skin was weathered, veins bulged through to the surface. To the passing listener it probably sounded like a deep snore from a tired old man. There was noise, then silence. The rush of his blood stopped pulsing on my palm. Movement, then rest.

I looked at my older sister, who was clutching her swollen, pregnant belly. She looked at the ground, not sure what to say. Her due date was less than two weeks away and we were all holding out hope that her baby and our father would cross paths on the earth, no matter how briefly.

“Is he?” She said from her ancient armchair under the television. Her voice was quiet and shaking, like there were tears and fear behind it trying to push their way through.

“I think so…but I’m not sure.”

The television rattled in the background, the only interruption to our silence. Paula Deen was teaching how to make some decadent dessert and we were too shaken to move.

We both sat still in in the quiet room, wishing away our adulthood. We didn’t speak, but we both thought the same things. Sudden absence filled the room our parents once shared. We were surrounded by the things that they held closely enough to themselves that they would end on the shelves of their bedroom. A silver perfume tray. The hope chest passed down by our grandmother. A tattered and worn copy of The…

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