Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I frown. He’s lying. Anyone looking at him could tell he isn’t fine, but before I can say anything Adam pushes himself to his feet. When he walks forward, he leans into the wall and lets out a groan.
I jump to my feet, and reach out a hand.“Let me help.” I say.
Adam waves me off, and tilts his head back. “It’s nothing.” He repeats again. “What time is?”
I glance back up at the sky, to see the first gleam of blue. I shrug. “Not sure, looks pretty close to sunrise though.”
Adam pushes off the walk. “I guess we should get moving then.”
I want to protest, to tell him that we have time, but he’s already covered nearly half the length of the alley.
So I lean down and gather what little we’ve been able to steal into a trash bag and hurry after him.
For most of the day we manage to cover a lot of ground, and avoid the odd patrol of soldiers, but by late afternoon, it’s clear by Adam’s heavy breathing that he needs to rest. I help him sit, as I examination our surrounds. I’d love to find another house to get him into, but that’s not going to happen with the soldier still out searching for possible Rebels. It could be worse though. This part of the city has a few buildings that were long ago deem too dangerous and have since then been abandoned.
I point at what looks like an old apartment building. “Do you think can make it there?” I say. “Guess I’ll have to try.”
When Adam’s ready to stand, this time he let me help him up, but the moment he puts weight on his right leg his…

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