Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I woke up hearing Marcel crying beside me. I didn 't know what time it was but it was still dark out. I looked at my clock it was one a clock in the morning. I went to go make a bottle for him just in case.

I heard Harry groaning in his sleep. Typical Harry I though as I changed Marcel. I gave Marcel his bottle, but he didn 't want it he just fell fast asleep in my arms as I rocked him to sleep. Man I really need a crib for him.


I finally fell asleep at three in the morning but I felt Harry shaking me awake. What time is it I though. It 's was four in the morning really Harry. "What Harry." I said while I rubbed my eyes.

"Time to get up we have to pack remember." A crap that right. I put pillows around Marcel as he slept peacefully. At least someone got a good sleep.

I slowly trudged towards the kitchen to get breakfast. I just hope I don 't fall asleep while I was making breakfast or packing. I started to make pancakes with only half of my eyes closed. I 'm pretty sure I fell asleep while I made them. "Tasha." I opened my eyes and seen batter everywhere. Whoopsie.

I grabbed a cloth and started cleaning up my mess that I made. I 'm just to tired to pack. I walked over to the bed and took the pillows away from Marcel. I cuddled with him and fell asleep for another good couple hours.

"Darling it 's time to get up." I groaned in response. It 's close to our due date of getting all packed up. I 'm also taking all the stuff that I bought for this place which is…

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