Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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When I arrived home it was dark, and I went to bed. In the morning, I called Aunt Claudia. She didn’t answer. I called again around noon before I drove to her house. When I arrived at her home, I knocked. She didn’t answer. Her car was parked in the driveway. I walked in the woods. I couldn’t find her. I went to the work shed. In the rear of the shed and under the windowsill, my uncle had made a small shelf where he hid his spare key. I unlocked the house, and I found her lying on the couch. At first I thought she was asleep. When I touched her she was cold and her skin felt like a toy doll. I knew she was dead. I called the hospital. They sent an ambulance. At the hospital, they pronounced her dead. I could say that the next week was a blur, but it wasn’t. The days moved painstakingly slow. I contacted the relatives whose names were in her address book. She had no friends. There was only me. I planned her funeral and looked into her affairs. I found a sake cup on her dresser. It was empty, but I knew she used for meditation. I put it in my pocket and planned to use it as a traveling meditation cup. I cleaned her house and prepared it for guests. I planned to have a reception at the house. I decided to order half dozen pizzas from work. The night of the reception I sat in a pew in the front row. In my coat pocket was the sake cup. I rotated it like a figurine between my fingertips. I filled it with holy water and begin concentrating on cup’s blue trim. As I looked into…

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