Personal Narrative Essay About Gym

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It was a nice day on December 18, 2012. I just finished lunch and had to go to gym class. I was walking into gym to go change into my gym clothes. It always smelled like dirty socks, so running around in the gym for 45 minutes was the worst part of my day. This day was gonna be the worst day in gym class ever. After I got done changing into my gym clothes and was walking out of the girls locker room that smelled of different kinds of fruity perfume. There were buckets all laid out around the gym, when I got to my assigned spot my gym teacher told us they were filled with bowling equipment. We had to do our 5 minutes of stretching and then to run for ten minutes. So, as I being just an 8th grader, I wanted to wait for my friend. So we began …show more content…
They sent me home that night and that I would have to go back in a week to see how the reset went. It was now December 27, my mom´s birthday. I went in for my appointment, and they took me to go get X-rays. I waited a while and then they came into my room. They told me that they messed up on the reset and that I would need surgery. I felt like I had ruined my mom´s birthday and I still feel that way still to this day. Then they told me that if the pins didn't work then they would have to use plates and screws. It was now December 30th, and I went back to the hospital to get my surgery. When I came out I was in a lot of pain, I could hear my mom´s voice and that calmed me down. They told me that the pins didn't work and so they would had to put in two plates and eleven screws in my arm. Now a month after my surgery I went back in for a checkup, they told me I needed to plan for therapy. After more X-rays they first told me that I didn't need to do therapy and they were surprised. They then told me that I could never get the plates and screws removed because my bone was growing over top of it. So, to this day I have two plates and eleven screws in my right arm all because I tripped over a

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