Descriptive Essay On My Day At School

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Beautiful Tuesday morning the sky is clear and the summer rays have begun to warm up the day. My everyday morning walk to school begins with the aroma of fresh cut grass and the sound of birds chirping. I begin to stroll my way to my friend Alejandra house which is a short distance away. Arriving to Alejandra house I lean against her picket fence give her a quick text to let her know I’m outside and wait. We greet each other with a simple side hug and continue our walk. Our walk to the high school, we will see the same familiar faces. Our walks were always full of laughter and gossip and weekend plans. Alejandra had been always so witty which made our walk a bit more entertaining. The high school was at least 6 streets away; there were a few landmarks that we went by Arceo Park, which was really popular and always full of people doing different activities. Tastee Freeze was a small place that school desserts and food; it was also a known hangout for high school kids. As we went by Tastee Freeze I’m just thinking how hungry I am and how I regret skipping breakfast. …show more content…
It was lunch time already when they brought us in I was completely embarrassed all eyes were on us. I felt like a criminal walking into the principal office by two police officers, they hand us a ticket and they leave. Sitting I can hear the ladies gossiping about us staring. Waiting they finally get a hold of my mom, I begin to shake I was so nervous and I continue to wait for her to arrive. My mom opens up the door of the principal offices she gives me an angry look and says Vamonos! The car ride was silent I didn’t even want to sit in the front, we get home and she begins to yell and lecturing me. I was really ashamed of what I did and not being at school and having my mom miss work to have to drive to school. I didn’t even enjoy the burrito so I begin thinking how this was my last time ever ditching school. What would’ve been a great day ended so

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