Descriptive Essay: Working At Mckinley High School

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I walked with stiff pie-encrusted legs. I was on my way to work from McKinley high school. The scene of the crime, where the miniature cherry pie took flight from Jessica Rabanne's lunch tray (and landed on my favorite jeans) to even further deepen my hatred for that lip-gloss-wearing beast. Now, I wouldn’t be so salty if she had apologized instead of complaining about the fact that her pie came into contact with my thigh. As tragic as it was, I didn’t have time to go home and change after school. I guess I’m going to have to suck it up, plaster a bright smile on my face, and handle late book fees (along with angry customers insisting they brought the book back on time). I opened the library doors and was greeted by the smell of ink and old …show more content…
Thank heavens you’re here early! I need to go get Anna and Kyle from swim! You can handle being here alone can’t you?” Ms.Pulaski asked. I nodded and she raced out the door. Ms.Pulaski was a plump woman in her mid-fifties. She was about 30 (and unmarried) when she decided her biological clock was ticking and she was artificially inseminated. Her daughter, Anna, was pregnant at sixteen (with twins nonetheless). And when her bum of a boyfriend fled town her mother was the only one there to help her raise two children. Now, Anna jr., Kyle, and their mother lived with Ms. Pulaski. And with Anna studying to become a social justice lawyer she was always running around to pick up and drop off her grandbabies. She didn’t seem to mind though, what else would she do to keep herself entertained outside of work? Since today was a weekday, we weren’t very busy. Only the occasional middle or high schooler getting some type of classic book for a school project. They were pretty capable of finding it themselves though, so I worked putting books back on the shelf. Yesterday, I got most of the weekend rush books away, so I was pretty much done.
“Perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading,” I thought to

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