Descriptive Essay On A Family Reunion

In the early summer of 2015 my mom, sister and I went to a family reunion in Huntsville Alabama. This was the second family reunion that I had been to in my life. I was happy to go up and see family that I had never seen before or heard about. Who knew that I had family in the state of Alabama?
The first night of the reunion, my cousins and I were just hanging out talking about sports and the town that they live in. We were driving around the town and Shaun had mentioned going to the Mall the next morning. The next morning we woke up went to the mall. I bought some new Jordan slides. After the mall, we went to the movies, I can’t remember what movie we have seen, but it was interesting, I know that.
My mom rented a hotel room for a couple
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That side of the family is pretty cool. When I was up there one of my older cousin Shaun took me to a football practice because his brother plays for the team and was not able to make it to the reunion. His brother Lamar Jackson is the quarterback for Clemson University. My mom rented a hotel room for a couple of weeks. The Hotel has an indoor 15ft swimming pool. They have an outside dining area on top of the roof and the chef will cook whatever you desire.
Huntsville is a good city. The city is located only an hour and a half drive away from Houston, which is the home of quite a few sports teams. One of my aunts had a plan for me and my other cousins to take us to the museum. The Weeden House Museum is the oldest building in Alabama still open to the public this day.
While I was up there I went to the gun range for the first time, I fired off Shotguns, a 32 Revolver, Glock, and some type of AR-15. You can be 14 years of age to go to shoot guns at a Gun Range. I really did a lot of things that I didn’t think I’d in Alabama. I was in Huntsville all summer from June 10th to August 3rd
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That’s a place like a little small beach, you can go fishing and swim. We got there around 4pm just chilling having fun. The reason we went there was to fish and swim and because we heard that there was going to be fireworks and a big bonfire around 8pm. That was my first time watching fireworks and having a bonfire on the beach. After two hours of being there we left and hit up a 24 hour Dairy Queen got a few ice cream cones then headed back to the house after a long day
Within that month in a half of being in Alabama and hanging out with the family has been interesting. My mom, sister and I had seen and experienced quite a few things. One day when we were at the park, I had spotted out two guys wearing a Cookie Monster and a minion’s costume suit. I can never go to a public place with one of my cousins because he acts a little goofy laughing and pointing at people trying to get attention.
Sunday evening I went to a Bowling Alley with a few people but, I never did play a game of bowling. I don’t really like to play bowling it’s not really my thing. Though what I did do is just chill in the arcade playing a few racing and Deer Hunting games. Playing those games made me hungry, so I went and bought me two slices of pizza along with a pretzel and

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