Reflective Essay: The Role Of Mutualism In Native American Culture

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Mutualism is also a value, attitude and behavior cultivated within the Native American culture. Mutualism evokes a sense of belonging and solidarity with group members that support the development of consensus and relationship building. In education there is a tendency to stress completion and work for personal gain over cooperation. Grades, achievement scores and honors are perfect examples of this mindset in education. When working with Native American students educators need to modify their mindset. Incorporating cooperative activities with competitive activities in the learning environment is a modification that can further support this shift. Jonathan grew up with all of these virtues embedded within his family practice. Jonathan stated …show more content…
Jonathan explained my presence as a friendship. Jonathan explained that if his family knew my presence was for observational purposes they would have declined the invitation. I was provided the opportunity to meet Jonathan’s mother, father, grandmother and grandfather. Jonathan’s mother and father were dressed in traditional American clothing and his grandparents were in traditional Native American clothing.
I was able to learn much of what I have written in this report about Native Americans from Jonathan’s grandmother. His grandmother had a natural way of story-telling within her conversations. Her conversations provide a brief and emotional insight of the life of her parents within the reservation. There was often pauses and hesitancy on behalf of Jonathan’s mother when she shared personal stories. It was difficult on my part not to probe or ask for further clarification but I was well aware of the families dynamic and traditions due to my interview with Jonathan. The cultural event at Jonathan’s home further emphasized the Native American traditions and values. I was able to witness the amount of respect all members of the family had for each other as well as for the elderly. All family members worked in conjunction, there were no specific roles assigned to gender. Everyone supported within the family dynamic and respect for one another was rich within their actions and

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