Descriptive Essay - Old Bluey

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Old Bluey
The scent of salty air and fresh ocean breezes drifted through the old Suburban. My mother, like usual, drove my sister Meagan and I to Ponto Beach every Thursday. We never missed an opportunity to go bask in the sun and play in the water. When day became night, we piled into our car and let our hair dry in the wind. The following day, sand plastered our seats and floors while the fragrance of salt filled the air. Our car, nicknamed Bluey, often remained dirty from the various trips we took. Children’s sticky finger prints and food stains not only cover the floor, but the seats and ceiling as well. As passengers entered the Suburban, the smell of different foods and treats greeted them. To the ordinary traveler, our car does not seem like a nice hot set of wheels , but rather more of a dusty, dingy, shabby shell of a car. To me, Bluey represents much more. It is the vessel in which I traveled to new places, connected with my family members, and learned important life lessons. Without these precious moments I would not be the same person I am today. We have owned old “Bluey” ever since I can remember. For almost seventeen years, it has been our sole car. Everyday Old Bluey dropped off and picked up my dad at the coaster station so he could get to work. Monday through Friday, good old Bluey rushed us to school. On Mondays and Wednesdays Bluey drove us in the hot heat to Escondido for our fencing classes. On Tuesdays my sister and I attended a youth church activity…

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