Descriptive Essay: My Trip To Arizona

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Trip to Arizona

I was so excited and pumped for this very moment I’ve been waiting for since may. Im being chatty, fidgety in my seat, and getting extremely anxious, if you know me those are all indications of excitement. I argued with my brother for the window seat and of course I won. When i look out the small window I see pine trees, airplanes and the very large airport. The airplane is very cold and everyone is talking until they hear the captain say, “We are ready for take off.” I hear he flight attendants muffled, high pitched voice telling everyone the safety rules and to buckle our seat belts. Eventually I felt the plane getting very bumpy and I hear the loud sound of the plane getting faster and faster, running against the rough
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Cloe, Rachel, Nadia and I asked Cloe’s dad to take us there. Before we got there we begged to go to Culver’s, (an ice cream and burger place). We all got the same order of a burger and fries and they gave is all a coupon for fee ice cream. We decided to get our ice cream after Castles n’ Coasters. I was so excited were was doing something fun and going somewhere. After we all finished eating we made it to the amusement park an hour later. It was 10:00 A.M and we got in line to get out wrist bands, and even though there was only 2 people ahead of us it felt like we were in line for a long time because of the 100 degree air. When it became my turn I handed to lady my mothers credit card she gave me for the trip, she asked me “Can I see your I.D?”, obviously I didn’t have my mothers I.D, so I had to take money out and with that came problems but i figured it out. After that predicament we all got our orange wristbands. Unfortunately we got there way to early and we had to wait an additional 2 hours to get into the part of the park with the real rides and roller coasters. In the mean time we went on the go carts and bumper boats. Finally the men that worked there opened the gates and a large crown of children and teenagers waiting ran into the park. We all ran as fast as we could to our favorite ride, we took pictures and videos on it and it was very exciting. After about 6 times on that …show more content…
At first I thought that everyone was going to see me and it was going to be a dramatic goodbye party like it was when I left the first time. In the end it was just Cloe, Rachel, Nadia, Tony and Karson. Im so happy that for my last day it was just my close friends to say goodbye. At the beginning of the day it was just rachel cloe nadia and I. we hung out, played video games reminisced about the past and they helped me pack my things. I was leaving at 6 P.M, till about 4:30 we just hung out with each other. Since Cloe’s mom wasn’t home we had to walk to meet up with tony and karson at taco bell. It took us so long to get there and it was so hot outside but when we got there I was so sad and emotional because I really didn’t want to leave i was so happy and I loved it in Arizona with my friends, but I didn’t want to ruin this happy moment so i just enjoyed my last times with my friends. We played games, talked and even though it was really hot outside I had so much fun and I was so happy. When it was about 6:15 Rachel’s parents picked us up and took us home. I double checked that I had everything and we packed my brother and I’s stuff in the trunk and headed to the airport. We got to the airport and Nadia, Cloe, Rachel had to watch the care while cloe mom my brother and I went into the airport to put our luggage away.

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