Descriptive Essay : My Family

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¨Look at this one, it has an awesome light! ¨ my cousin Clara exclaimed from across the yard. ¨Woah! This one is cool too! ¨ my sister Lauren said, pointing at one only a few feet away from me. It was finally summer, and my Grandma was taking us out on our yearly walk to the graveyard. From our fingers came a colorful fiery glow that lit up the street and sidewalk surrounding us. The graveyard was only a couple blocks away from her house, so every summer here we were! Every year my family and I make the trip to Wisconsin to visit my Grandparents on my mom 's side. We are also joined by my mom’s siblings, so it becomes a giant gathering of all my family. I am the third oldest out of nine grandchildren. The trips to the graveyard all started several years ago when my cousins and I were very young. We had just finished dinner, and the parents were getting tired of listening to our whining and screaming, so they sent us outside. My grandma then decided to take us on a walk down the street to the graveyard and back. “Here, I found these at the store the other day, I knew they would come in handy” My Grandma proclaimed as she handed us each three or four small finger lights. They came in multiple different colors, red, green, white, and my favorite, blue. Our assembly included all my little cousins, my two older cousins, my grandma, my dad, and my aunt Sara. We were all summoned onto the porch by my dad and once everyone was accounted for, we headed out down the street. It…

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